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> Discovery (Group) 1x Pass **Best Deal**
Start with any 1 Group Reformers or Move class at a special rate.

> Hello Body Mobility & Movement Assessment
Attend a Private Session (1 Pax) and get a Mobility & Movement Assessment on the spot.

> Felt Sense Discovery Session
Attend your first Private Therapeutic or Coaching Session (1 Pax).



> Hello Body Private Pass
Hello Body Private Sessions for 1 to 3 pax. 

> Felt Sense Private Pass
Felt Sense Body Private Sessions for 1 pax. 

> Group Reformers Pass
Access to all weekly regular group Reformers classes (up to 6 pax per class)

> Group Move Pass
Access to all weekly regular group Move classes (up to 8 pax per class)

> Group Flow Pass
Access to all weekly group Yoga classes (up to 10 pax per class)


About the Passes

  1. Purchase a pass that is most suitable based on your personal schedule and goals
  2. Each pass has a 4-month validity period from pass start date, unless otherwise stated
  3. You will get an email confirmation after purchase, and your pass will be available in your account.
  4. Your credit is only deducted when attendance has been marked.
  5. Strictly no refund of credits. Should class/session be rescheduled or cancelled, your credits will remain in your account.
S$39Discovery (Group) 1x Pass
S$200Hello Body Mobility & Movement Assessment
S$200Felt Sense Discovery Session
S$160Hello Body Private 1x Pass (1 Pax)
S$195Hello Body Private 1x Pass (2 Pax)
S$216Hello Body Private 1x Pass (3 Pax)
S$750Hello Body Private 5x Pass (1 Pax)
S$1,400Hello Body Private 10x Pass (1 Pax)
S$1,800Hello Body Private 10x Pass (2 Pax)
S$2,100Hello Body Private 10x Pass (3 Pax)
S$180Felt Sense Private 1x Pass (1 Pax)
S$800Felt Sense Private 5x Pass (1 Pax)
S$46Group Reformers 1x Pass
S$215Group Reformers 5x Pass
S$390Group Reformers 10x Pass
S$40Group Move 1x Pass
S$350Group Move 10x Pass
S$35Group Flow 1x Pass
S$140Group Flow 5x Pass
S$280Group Flow 10x Pass
S$39Gift Card for Discovery (Group) 1x Pass
S$180Founder Private 1x Pass (1 Pax)
S$825Founder Private 5x Pass (1 Pax)
S$1,600Founder Private 10x Pass (1 Pax)
S$55Mystical Duet Concert - Standard Cushion