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The Chi of Tea
with Eugene

July 28 (Sunday)
at 1:00 pm

Class length
120 minutes

Felt Sense (#04-02)

About The Chi of Tea
Through the senses and into the body, the contemplative brewing and imbibing of whole artisanal tea leaves has since ancient times been a way to cultivate the “Equanimous Mind”. 

The practice seeks to allow one to find stability and balance within the mind, and develop composure despite experiences, emotions, and other phenomena. It doesn’t hurt that it’s delicious as well.

The experience
The entire process is conducted in silence, allowing one to experience the practice through the senses keenly. 

Involving two to three curated tea types, participants experience the healing benefits of both mindful contemplation, and the beneficial properties of the teas themselves. The main steps are stillness, inspection, scent, taste, body sensation, and contemplation.

You are encouraged to write down your experience in a notebook during the process, and there will be a sharing session at the end. Observing the tea master prepare and brew also has meditative qualities that enhance the experience outside of drinking and smelling delicious tea. Even if you’re only there to drink some tea, that is perfectly okay!

Take in the process for it is a joyful one without expectation nor obligation. Be prepared to be drinking 300-500ml of tea, but bowls will be provided if it gets too much and you need to pace yourself.

The Why
At its deepest levels, one can gain clarity, wisdom, and inner healing; it can be deeply moving and meditative and can give you access to your higher self if done mindfully. Tibetan and Zen Buddhist monks drink tea to facilitate wakefulness (caffeine) in long hours of meditation, while at the same time be balanced out with a sense of tranquility (L-theanine, GABA, and other gentle psychoactive compounds).

If you seek mindfulness, harmony, humility, self-transformation, and spiritual awakening, this practice is definitely for you. Outside of that, anti-oxidative, and healthy benefits of tea cannot be understated. And did we mention that tea prepared well is delicious?
Who this is for, and how to prepare
  • People of all ages are encouraged to join the session. Children under the age of 18 should be supervised by a parent or guardian. Some teas are more acidic, so we recommend that you have something light to eat before the session. If you are particularly sensitive to tea, consider the timing of the session so that it does not affect your sleep at night.
  • As the programme will start on time, please arrive at least 5-10 mins before the starting time, so that you can be ready when the programme starts.

About the facilitator, Eugene
A creative by trade, but a Lightworker through and through, Eugene has been a music artiste for over 15 years, and in parallel, his practice of Lightwork and Breathwork grew alongside it almost organically. 

His healing and teaching practice is mostly through private sessions, and is always blessed to be able to make a difference in another through a loving and grateful attitude. Additionally, Eugene is a deep practitioner of 茶道, or the “Way of Tea”. 

Combining his main modalities into the practice of contemplation and mindfulness through the experience of the Tea Ceremony, Eugene is constantly evolving his soul work, and welcomes everyone to go deeper and heal together with him.

Connect with Eugene: Instagram


About Felt Sense
"Let life be felt."

Felt Sense is a space, set up by Charis Koh, for embodied somatic exploration, collective healing and wellness, holistic mind-body-spirit well-being, and authentic creative expressions. Through this safe space and together with the community, she aims to support individuals to reclaim their humanness, and awaken their radical aliveness.


Before Attending:
  1. Have the waiver form in your account signed.
  2. Please be punctual and ready when the programme starts.
  3. Be dressed in comfortable attire. Shoes are not needed as you're required to remove them before entering the studio.

Cancellation Policy
There will be no refunds provided to you if you cancel.

 Cancellation or Rescheduling by Hello Body
  1. The event may be cancelled when it does not meet the minimum required number of reservations or if the organiser is unavailable. When this happens, you will be notified via email and/or WhatsApp 24 hours in advance, and rest assured, we will reach out to you to sort things out, and if necessary, you may request for a refund.
  2. Hello Body reserves the rights to reschedule the session and provide at least 24 hours notice via email and/or WhatsApp. Should you not be able to make it for the rescheduled time, you may request for a refund.


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