Hello Body

Calisthenics Fundamental
with Don

July 16 (Tuesday)
at 6:30 pm

Class length
60 minutes

Hello Body L2 (#02-04)

Calisthenics Fundamental focuses on building strength in the most natural form. This class helps you kick-start your Calisthenics journey even if you are a complete beginner. 

Do not mistake "Fundamental" as easy. It simply means that the movement patterns you will be learning are not overly complex. You will be working with functional strength movements like push, pull, squat and hinge patterns, and so on.

What you will learn
You will learn progressions to become stronger, and be able to incorporate the knowledge for self practice.

  • Push patterns such as push ups on a higher surface, working towards the ground, other complex forms of push-ups and dip variations.
  • Pull patterns starting from ring rows working towards assisted pull-ups to a full pull-up unassisted. More advance practitioners will even work towards muscle ups combining both pull and push.
  • Squat patterns such as box squats, horse stances, lunges, working towards single-leg biased patterns like Cossack squat, split squat, step-ups and pistols.
  • Hinge patterns starting such as standing hinge, seated hinge, single leg hinge etc.
Why Calisthenics?
Calisthenics is definitely something everyone should learn and experience.

It builds functional strength - Calisthenics training improves our strength, flexibility, sense of balance, decreases our fall risk and prevents injuries. We may also experience less pain, if any, as we get stronger. Harder progressions and additional weights may be introduced as we become stronger and feel lighter.

It improves our daily living - Calisthenics builds strength more naturally. Learning how to carry our bodyweight improves our motor skills, sense of balance, coordination and body awareness. Daily movement may feel more efficient simply because we introduced different movement patterns into our life.

It is super accessible - With little to no equipment, you can do a full body routine with just your body weight alone. Having the knowledge and the right guidance will allow you to bring your Calisthenics practice with you wherever you go.

Testimonials from past students

"Don is an encouraging and understanding instructor. He pushes us to achieves our goals however he also understands when the student is unable to. He will then customize the workout such that the student is able to carry out the exercise without feeling defeated. Additionally, he builds rapport with those who come for his classes which makes attending them enjoyable. He has helped me achieve my goal of doing pull ups; something I struggled with for a few years. Thanks Don!" - Nissa

"Don's classes are truly exceptional – he effortlessly blends enjoyment with structure, ensuring that each session is both engaging and easy to follow. His adeptness at catering to various difficulty levels means that individuals of all fitness backgrounds and experiences feel both included and appropriately challenged.

His dedication to his students' well-being shines through in his willingness to go the extra mile to meet diverse needs. Whether it's adapting exercises for those with injuries or providing personalized modifications for different learners, Don's attentiveness creates an environment where everyone feels supported and empowered to pursue their fitness goals safely. Moreover, beyond his expertise as a fitness instructor, Don's infectious enthusiasm and positive energy infuse every class with joy. His passion for health and fitness is unmistakable, motivating us to surpass our limits and strive for our personal best.

With Don, you'll not only experience the joy of movement but also witness the power of progress and the fulfilment of embracing your unique fitness journey." - Shannon

Suitable for: All ages, and even people with mild injuries. People who require specialised needs and more individualised programs will be directed to 1-to-1 Private Training instead.

Location: Hello Body L2, 23 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-04, Singapore 169349
Nearest MRT: Outram Park Station 


Before Attending A Class:
  1. Have the waiver form in your account signed.
  2. Arrive 10 min early to allow for time to find the venue and have your attendance taken.
  3. Be dressed in comfortable attire, bring at least 750 ml of water, and extra clothes to change into if needed. 
  4. Shoes are not needed as you're required to remove them before entering the studio.


Cancellation Policy
  1. Class reservations can only be made up to 120 days in advance.
  2. To avoid losing your class credit, cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled class time. Any cancellation less than 24 hours to class, or no shows, will result in the forfeit of your class credit.
Absence due to Illness or Personal Emergencies
If you do not show up for class due to illness or personal emergencies, you may still get your class credit back into your account:
  • Illness - Within 72 hours after your reserved class time slot, send a photo of a valid medical certificate to us via WhatsApp or email. Upon verification, you will get your credit back into your account.
  • Other personal emergencies - Within 72 hours after your reserved class time slot, explain yourself and share any relevant proof via WhatsApp or email. Outcome of whether you get your credit back will be on a case-by-case basis.
Latecomers Policy
We understand that stuff happens, and for reasons beyond your control, you may turn up late for class. To be fair to everyone, we have a 15 min grace period for latecomers, after which you may not be allowed to join the class.

Class Cancellation or Rescheduling by Hello Body
  1. The class may be cancelled when it does not meet the minimum required number of reservations. When this happens, you will be notified via email and/or WhatsApp 24 hours in advance, and rest assured, your class credit will remain in your account.
  2. The class may be cancelled in the unlikely event that the coach falls sick and no substitute coach is available at the last minute. If this happens, you will be notified via email and/or WhatsApp as soon as possible, and rest assured, your class credit will remain in your account.
  3. Hello Body reserves the rights to reschedule the class and provide at least 24 hours notice via email and/or WhatsApp.
Pass Policy
The validity of all passes will be 4 months from the purchase date (i.e. “pass start date”). It will be valid for booking classes that occur within those 4 months. We’ll remind you about your pass expiry if you forget!

Unfortunately, strictly no refunds will be given to sold passes and credits, even for reasons related to illness and injuries. No validity extension will be given to expired passes and credits. We’re really strict on this!

Make-up Class Policy
All attendance for relevant make-up class within a term course must be within the term course period. For example, if your term course occurs within the 1 Jan to 15 Feb period, and if you cannot attend a term course class during that period, your chosen make-up class time slot (subject to schedule availability) must be within the 1 Jan to 15 Feb period.


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