Hello Body

Felt Moments Experience - Felt Sense Opening
with Shirly

April 19 (Friday)
at 7:45 pm

Class length
75 minutes

Felt Sense (#04-02)

Art is not about painting beautiful pictures, nor about learning or perfecting a genre of skills. It’s a basic human need and right for everyone on planet Earth. It’s how we experience ourselves and the world. It’s a way of living. It’s a way of being. A vibrant way of being.

About Felt Moments
An introduction to exploring your well-being in immersive, non-technical art activities. A taster of tapping into your felt sense with creativity as well as experiencing quiet moments of feelings and contemplation in art. It is designed for anyone above 16 years old.

The experience
Warm up - Engagement with drawing material and tapping into senses 
Participants will be paired up to explore using drawing tools with eyes closed. The activity has two objectives: Introducing art-making as easy, fun, and accessible for all and familiarising participants with the contact and simple process with art. Instead of focusing on art techniques, this section is designed to break the idea that art-making should be done with perfected skill; Connecting participants with their sensations, grounding them to the here and now, as well as group connecting through interactive art-making. 

Find your way of art 
Participants will be invited to create a very simple personal symbol using a favourite drawing tool, then jointly create on one large piece of paper with the entire group. Participants will explore and sense both their own presence and other’s presence in the art process. Awareness, emotions, reflective moments, etc will rise in this nonverbal process and be recorded visually by the very art piece 

Both sections will have time and space for introspection and discussions afterward.
Participants will have a piece of the artwork to take home with.

The Why
  • Experience art outside of the usual art-making context that only focuses on craftsmanship. Instead, you can safely experience the intrinsic healing benefits of art under the guidance of a professional art therapist.  
  • Experience a new and non-verbal way of engaging with the self and surroundings instead of through talk or the loud thinking mind. The quiet and slow moments will bring you back to the present, and into a deeper inner state which words would be inadequate to capture.
Who this is for, and how to prepare
  • Anyone who is curious of trying alternative modes for wellness, self-exploration and self-expression through creative means, meaningful and diverse ways of using art, experiencing the delight of creating art in life, integrating creativity into their mindfulness practice, wanting to find novel and refreshing experience-based activity on weekends for a change.
  • No background or knowledge of art is required. Aged 16 and above. Participants with disability need to be aware that they need to be able to listen to instructions, hand-hold drawing material, and walk around during the activities.
  • As the programme will start on time, please arrive at least 5-10 mins before the starting time, so that you can be ready when the programme starts.

About the facilitator, Shirly Zhu
Shirly holds a BFA Honours in Multimedia Art and a Master’s in Art Therapy. She is a certified art therapist (AThR) and a professional member registered with the Australian, New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA). 

Her experience spans working with children, youths, and adults, helping exploring and navigating psychological and emotional themes, such as identity, relationships, perception, and other inner conflicts. Her therapeutic practice adopts a psychodynamic framework with a human-centric and mindfulness-based approach. 

Shirly is also an unwavering advocate for social justice, gender empowerment, and emotional healing work. She believes in the invaluable role of self-awareness, self-compassion, intuition, and emotional literacy. She is committed to building immersive soul-nourishing spaces where people are encouraged to reclaim their own voice, inner compass, and authentic living.


About Felt Sense
"Let life be felt."

Felt Sense is a space, set up by Charis Koh, for embodied somatic exploration, collective healing and wellness, holistic mind-body-spirit well-being, and authentic creative expressions. Through this safe space and together with the community, she aims to support individuals to reclaim their humanness, and awaken their radical aliveness.


Before Attending:
  1. Have the waiver form in your account signed.
  2. Please be punctual and ready when the programme starts.
  3. Be dressed in comfortable attire. Shoes are not needed as you're required to remove them before entering the studio.

Cancellation Policy
There will be no refunds provided to you if you cancel.

 Cancellation or Rescheduling by Hello Body
  1. The event may be cancelled when it does not meet the minimum required number of reservations or if the organiser is unavailable. When this happens, you will be notified via email and/or WhatsApp 24 hours in advance, and rest assured, we will reach out to you to sort things out, and if necessary, you may request for a refund.
  2. Hello Body reserves the rights to reschedule the session and provide at least 24 hours notice via email and/or WhatsApp. Should you not be able to make it for the rescheduled time, you may request for a refund.


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